The History of the Philippine’s National Dish

This dish originates from the northern region of the Philippines. The result of the influences, both regional and historical, that comes together in many Filipino dishes.

Filipinos cooked their food by roasting, steaming or boiling. To keep it fresh longer than average food span, the key was to cook it using vinegar and salt. Here comes in basic process in making adobo.

Colonization of the Philippines had a big impact on the evolution of Philippine food, and Filipino Adobo was one of those Spanish inspired recipes. The Spanish influenced our local cooking with their marinades and sauces.

According to Wikipedia, the Spanish word Adobo means seasoning or marinade. The noun form is used to describe the actual marinade or seasoning mix, and the term used for meat or poultry that has been marinated or seasoned with the Adobo marinade.

Filipinos have selected their favorite condiments and spices which are vinegar, soy sauce, garlic and bay leaves, using them to stew chicken or pork. This is how the Filipino Adobo was made as a part of the country’s history and on every Filipino’s life.

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